I Wrote These 31 Aspirational Leadership Goals

…for myself more than 10 years ago. These are goals which I seek to live out every day (when I don’t lose sight of them), whether that is in leading my family at home, colleagues at work, or most importantly, myself in every place and circumstance (yes, all leadership starts with self leadership).

1. I aspire to gain the insight to grow in skill, confidence, and vision, and to articulate the language of that insight so that I can share it with others, on their terms and in their timing.

2. I aspire to be hopeful, and know how to stoke the fire of hope in my own life.

3. I aspire to experience, learn, and live out the secret of the law of reciprocity– “what you give away always comes back to you with greater value.”

4. I aspire to help my family and friends know how to support the people in their life that they care most about, even as I learn these lessons every day.

5. I aspire to keep a journal, and/or have other habits which help me lead a reflective life.

6. I aspire to read more widely, think more deeply, and listen more closely because I am shaped and transformed by the community of ideas & philosophy, and especially God’s Word.

7. I aspire to have at least five powerful phrases I’ve developed to describe the value I bring to my work and personal relationships.

8. I aspire to have learned to be the same person at work and at home.

9. I aspire to plan and execute twice-a-year personal retreats for reflection and renewal.

10. I aspire to understand what my spiritual gifts are, not only in name, but in practice and ongoing learning.

11. I aspire to know what kind of person threatens my boundaries and how to maintain those boundaries.

12. I aspire to be able to discern in my actions the defining power of core beliefs in my life.

13. I aspire to give away to others the wisdom I’ve learned in my own life.

14. I aspire to become a better friend to those I care about.

15. I aspire to have learned the art of being a team player.

16. I aspire to take full personal responsibility for my life– and proactively manage those responsibilities.

17. I aspire to grow in personal contentment.

18. I aspire to not let the giants get a hold of me: depression, anxiety, envy, deceit, and most of all, pride.

19. I aspire to know how to deal with the “foxes that spoil the vine:”  which are procrastination, laziness, disorganization, poor diet & exercise.

20. I aspire to know how to take a good idea to the next level.

21. I aspire to use the internet to my advantage in business and personal life.

22. I aspire to know how to take a marketing idea and make it live in the real world, through words, pictures, stories and experiences.

23. I aspire to know how to craft “to do lists” around my obligations, priorities AND values.

24. I aspire to take time to renew my vision and mission through both reflection and feedback.

25. I aspire to lead from both my heart and from my skill.

26. I aspire to gain the courage to face unresolved issues from my past.

27. I aspire to be quick to admit mistakes, and in doing so, become a teachable leader.

28. I aspire to believe that the impossible is possible.

29. I aspire to make sure my family and friends know that I believe in them.

30. I aspire to understand what my responsibility and role are in the community and in society.

31. I aspire to design all of my life around learning, living, loving, & leaving a legacy.


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