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“Somewhere beneath the sky is the work you alone were meant to do. Never rest until you find it.”  — J.S. Brashear



Life’s Road

I used to believe that “each of us has to find our own road in life.” For me, that meant that when I was 17 years old, in the summer between my junior and senior years in high school, I decided to follow Jesus. Of course, I had no idea how that decision would shape the choices and decisions I […]

31 Goals for a Life of Purpose

I Wrote These 31 Aspirational Leadership Goals …for myself more than 10 years ago. These are goals which I seek to live out every day (when I don’t lose sight of them), whether that is in leading my family at home, colleagues at work, or most importantly, myself in every place and circumstance (yes, all leadership starts with self leadership). […]

Goal Setting for 2018

I remember getting suckered into believing the urban myth about the 1953 Harvard study that grads who wrote down their goals earned on average 10X their counterparts. It turns out this “study” never existed, living on through Inaccurate citations in books by authors like Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Tom Bay and Zig Ziglar, and fueling the myth’s persistence in thousands […]



Are you working hard to grow your organization? Your own life?

If your answer to that question is “yes,” then you’re in the right place. I pursue the insights and actions that lead to fruitfulness, and am passionate to work with friends, clients and colleagues to do the same. At, we are gathering a learning community of generous, innovative and highly capable professionals & friends who believe we don’t have to fight over the size of the piece of pie, but we can make the pie bigger–or create a new one altogether.

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210 project

My agency MKF Strategic Marketing uses StoryBrand methodology to help clients clarify their message and build effective strategies to grow the bottom line. Specifically, my team and I build websites, sales funnels, and marketing campaigns.

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At MKF Strategic Marketing (StoryBrand and Business Made Simple Certified Coach), we’ll save you hours of frustration, equip you to lead your organization, and ultimately make you more money. It’s the best investment you can make in yourself.

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The Engagement Project is a follow up to Dr. Del Tackett’s Biblical worldview program, The Truth Project and other worldview teachings that he has done. To learn more about this incredible small group resource that is changing the world one believer and one neighbor at a time, see the trailer by clicking HERE.


At, I write and speak on the topics of worldview, learning and digital marketing. For example, The 2:10 Project, a book I wrote a few years ago (with two colleagues), helps people find their life’s work and calling — essentially, to make the world a better place.

My blog is where I share the questions I’m asking, what I’m learning, and the ideas for books and articles that I’m exploring. Right now I’m writing a book on leadership and business, focusing on the importance of a personal philosophy for growth, both in leading an organization and in one’s personal life.

Over ten years ago I had the privilege of working with Dr. Del Tackett on The Truth Project, a video series designed to help people see God and his design in all of life. We are working on the follow-up series, called the Engagement Project. Learn more at



Design thinking, popularized by IDEO to solve complex business problems with simple and intuitive solutions, drives my methodology for business strategy. I have the IDEO certification “Storytelling for Influence” which complements Donald Miller’s StoryBrand framework, for which I am a certified guide. The goal is to create strategic solutions marked by innovative messaging and campaigns.

Collaboration is a second pillar to my approach, which requires an open-handed and longer-term point of view for the problems we are solving. Growth — especially exponential — happens in interdependent and optimized ecosystems. Simply, we work better together than alone. To maximize collaboration, I rely on the Pragmatic Marketing approach (I have a Level VI certification) and Chesney’s “The Four Disciplines of Execution.”

Positive sum game, in contrast to zero-sum game, assumes that we can enlarge the pie (or create a new one altogether), not simply that “for every win I get” there must be a corresponding loser. Positive sum game also aligns to approaches promoted in the popular book, Blue Ocean Strategy — get the strategy right and the possibilities may be endless.


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