I speak in a variety of settings, sharing insights and lessons–most hard-earned through my own story of learning and growing–and a passion for personal transformation through intentional learning and living. I speak primarily in faith-based settings, but also speak in business settings (technology, marketing and education). To learn more about scheduling a speaking engagement, please email me at marc@marcfey.com or call 719-246-0117.

Here are just a few of the places I have spoken:

  • 50+ Truth Project conferences and events
  • 15+ IT service management events for IT professionals
  • 10+ church men’s conferences
  • 5 week-long family conferences
  • 2 Coast Guard Academy faith-based conferences
  • The Naval Academy
  • 2 CBMC regional conferences
  • 12+ Board/Senior leadership planning meetings across more than a variety of¬†businesses
  • 4 Innovation retreats
  • 15+ Strategic Planning retreats

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